What is minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery?

Dr. Bill Metaxas, a San Francisco Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeon, explains why these techniques are getting attention.

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a technique used by Podiatric foot and ankle surgeons to correct specific foot and ankle conditions with very small incisions.

This technique has gained attention among surgeons and patients alike due to its reported faster recovery time, smaller scars, and reduced postoperative opioid use.

Dr. Bill Metaxas, DPM, a podiatric foot and ankle surgeon with San Mateo Podiatry Group in Burlingame, CA, explains the difference between minimally invasive surgery and traditional open surgery

“Minimally invasive techniques feature a more elegant approach, with less injury to our patients, with the benefit of decreased pain and a quicker recovery.”

Common foot and ankle conditions that can be treated using minimally invasive surgical techniques include hallux valgus, or bunionshammertoesFirst MPJ / big toe joint arthritis.

Research continues to demonstrate the benefit to patients associated with MIS techniques; preliminary research published in Foot & Ankle International (FAI) in 2019, found that the MIS approach for bunion surgery improved function and decreased pain in patients.

Not all patients are good candidates for minimally invasive surgery. If you have a foot or ankle condition, first consult with a podiatric foot and ankle surgeon to determine the best treatment option for you.

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