The Pitfalls of High-Heeled Fashion


The Pitfalls of High-Heeled Fashion

Anyone who loves high heels is familiar with that special kind of foot pain that accompanies a long day in your favorite pumps. Anyone who loves high heels also knows that the best way to relieve this discomfort is to switch to flats – but since that’s likely not your favorite option, the more you know about healthy high heeled feet the better!

Prolonged foot pain over time can be an indicator of long term foot trauma. Walking in heels concentrates your body weight on parts of the foot that may already be prone to injury or disfigurement, such as the toe joints. This can lead to painful and unsightly bunions and hammertoes, and later even osteoarthritis in the foot. Even if you are a slave to fashion, it is important to be smart about your fashionable footwear in order to avoid more serious injury.

Here are 4 important tips for the concerned foot fashionista:

1. Wear lower heels. Rather than towering and teetering in 4-inch stilettos as you run to the bus stop, opt instead for a pair of 2-inch beauties and preserve your chic style while also preserving your precious toesies. Save your sky-high spikes for a special occasion, your feet will thank you!

2. Listen to your corns. The damaged tissue on your feet and toes is more than just a nuisance – corns can be symptomatic of a greater problem area on your feet, often exacerbated by constricting footwear. Keep an eye on parts of your feet affected by corns, and contact the Foot and Ankle Institute if you become concerned about your level of discomfort.

3. Use soft inserts to relieve pain in the balls of your feet and toes, the most problematic pressure points in high heels. But be careful: adding the extra volume to your already snug shoes can sometimes do more harm than good. Consider sizing up in the shoe to avoid causing more foot and toe crowding.

4. Call the Foot and Ankle Institute. If you develop painful foot conditions such as bunions or hammertoes, be sure to contact the podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Institute of San Francisco. The foot and ankle experts at both convenient locations will assess the the extent of the damage and help you choose the right treatment option for your needs. They can get you fitted with custom orthotics, discuss surgical options, and in special cases even consider the Taylor spatial frame as a treatment. Most importantly, the Foot and Ankle team will help you prevent future injuries and foot damage.

You do not necessarily need to sacrifice style for the sake of your tootsies, but making just a few minor adjustments can prevent major suffering in the long run. When the world is your catwalk, let the Foot and Ankle Institute of San Francisco keep you on your feet!

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