Standardized Preoperative Diagnostics and Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease Reduce Wound Complications in Geriatric Ankle Fractures

Researchers evaluated a standardized algorithm to assess and treat impaired limb perfusion prior to surgical fixation of geriatric ankle fractures and to determine the prevalence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in geriatric patients presenting with ankle fractures. Eighty-four patients were preoperatively diagnosed and treated according to an algorithm (study group) and were compared with 84 patients diagnosed and treated before the algorithm was introduced. In 14 patients of the study group, clinical noninvasive examination revealed signs of relevant PAD, which was confirmed with computed tomographic angiography in nine patients, all of whom had successful angioplasty prior to surgical fixation of the ankle fracture. In three of these patients, PAD had previously been diagnosed. After standardized diagnostics and treatment of malperfusion, a significantly reduced overall wound complication rate was found.

From the article of the same title
International Orthopaedics (12/14/17) Aigner, René; Lechler, Philipp; Boese, Christoph Kolja

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