Ode to the feet

Ode to the feet

The human foot is a perfect example of the impressive engineering of the human body. Relative to the staggering list of its components – 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 tendons and muscles – the foot is quite compact. In order to fit more than 25% of our bones into the feet, those bones have to be quite small. Petite and plentiful, the bones of the foot work together tirelessly to form the foundation of your skeletal system. Like any good foundation, the feet are strong and supportive of the towering upright human body.

The well-oiled machines that are the feet enable us to run, walk, balance, and kick a ball, supporting us in all our daily endeavors without complaint. We habitually shove our feet and all of their delicate parts into unforgiving footwear (we’re looking at you, high heels!), overwork and under appreciate them, and then wonder why they are sore at the end of the day. We at the Foot and Ankle Institute of San Francisco propose that the next time you kick your feet up after a long shift or a tough workout, pay due thanks to the dynamic duo at the end of your shins who see you through it all.

With so many subtle and crucial components of human feet, injury to the feet and ankles seems almost inevitable in one’s lifetime. Whether it’s long overtime hours or training hard and often for that upcoming marathon, our feet are working right there with us every step of the way, and they need medical care and attention just as the rest of the body does. Life doesn’t slow down for an injured foot, and when yours is in need of some TLC, log on to footanklesf.com to make an appointment with us at our state of the art medical and surgical care center!

Bearing the weight of your entire body, your feet truly are unsung heroes of the daily grind. We usually don’t pay any mind to our feet, seeming only to notice them when they ache and hurt, when we curse them for being such a pain at the end of the day. After ignoring these cries for help from our feet and ankles, we can often find ourselves injured, slowed down and laid up. The Foot and Ankle Institute of San Francisco will get you back on your feet and help prevent any further damage to your foundation – contact us today and do right by yourself AND your feet!

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