Lowell Weil Jr., DPM Talks about President’s Foot Condition

IL Podiatrist Discusses President’s Foot Condition
Runners aren’t the only ones plagued by podiatry issues during the summer season. According to recent reports, President Obama is suffering from plantar fasciitis, a common ailment that affects the connective tissue located in the bottom of the foot. It is reported that up to one million people in the U.S. suffer from this problem. 
Dr. Lowell Weil Jr.
Dr. Lowell Weil Jr., President of Weil Foot & Ankle Institute and one of the most published researchers on plantar fasciitis in the United States, explains that plantar fasciitis stems from an inflammatory strain in tissue or ligaments in the bottom of the arch, typically characterized by heel pain as well as trouble with simple tasks such as standing or walking. “As people age, plantar fasciitis becomes more common,” notes Dr. Weil Jr. “Causes can include wearing improper running shoes or neglecting to stretch the calves which become tighter as one ages. Wearing shoes with little arch support can also trigger recurrent plantar fasciitis.”

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