Laser Treatment – The Ticket To Fungus-Free Frisco Feet

It’s summer in San Francisco, and you are heading to the beach.  Surfboard? check.  Towel? check.  Sunscreen? check.  Shoes? forget the shoes!  Wait – you look down, noticing something a little…off putting about your toes this morning. You grab your sandals. No, better put on sneakers.  And socks. Definitely socks.  Lace ‘em up tight, there you go, and you’re off.

It’s hot outside.  Thanks to the Frisco sun, you break a sweat before you get down the block.  And your feet are so hot!  But the shoes are staying on today for sure.  You try to think of how this could have happened to your precious peds; you think it must have been the outdoor shower at the beach last week.  You should have been wearing sandals.  Next time you’ll wear sandals.  But what about today? You’re almost to the beach.  You can’t be seen on the beach with your sneakers on!  And you certainly can’t surf in these things…

Does this sound familiar?  With these long California summers, we all like to spend most of the year barefoot on the beach.  That is, unless you are plagued by toenail fungus.  A common malady, toenail fungus is often picked up in warm moist places, like public showers and pools.  When infected, your feet might look unsightly and feel uncomfortable.  When it’s always sunny in San Francisco, there’s no time for to be wearing socks on the boardwalk, especially when the moisture inside your shoe could exacerbate that nasty fungus.  But before you bury your toes in the sand and out of sight forever, call the Foot and Ankle Institute of San Francisco.

When over the counter treatments fail, treat your feet to a visit with the specialists at the Foot and Ankle Institute.  Their cutting edge Cutera GenesisPlus Laser system will have your bare feet looking beautiful again!  After  just three visits, you will be well on your way to fungus-free feet.

Whether just one toe or all ten, let the foot experts make yours stunning again!  GenesisPlus is a safe, fast, and effective treatment for toenail fungus.  Best of all, your physician will help you be sure to prevent future reinfection!  With your days of embarrassing fungus behind you, you’ll be back on the beach in no time, showing off your new healthy toenails!  Call today to learn more.

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