At Risk Foot Care: 8 Top Tips

What is At Risk Foot Care?

At Risk Foot Care is a part of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery dedicated to the prevention of life threatening complications associated with Peripheral Artery Disease, Diabetes, and other systemic diseases.

The human foot has a complex interrelation with the rest of the body, which means that it may be the first area to show signs of serious conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease; Here at San Mateo Podiatry Group, we call it At Risk Foot Care.

Why is At Risk Foot Care Important?

  1. Patients don’t know, or haven’t been told that they have a systemic disease, such as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) or Diabetes Mellitus (DM).
  2. Patients with these conditions don’t know that they are at risk for life and limb threatening complications, such as infections, wounds, and amputations.

I can’t get in to see my doctor. What can I do at home?

  1. Wash your feet daily with lukewarm water and soap.
  2. Dry your feet well, especially in between the toes.
  3. Apply a moisturizing lotion everywhere, except between the toes.
  4. Check your feet for blisters, cuts, or redness. If you can’t see well, get a friend or family member to help.
  5. Trim your nails straight across and smooth the edge with a nail file.
  6. Change your socks daily; avoid poor fitting or tight shoes and socks.
  7. Examine your shoes daily for anything inside or outside the shoe that may irritate your feet.
  8. NEVER walk barefoot, either indoors or out.

Something doesn’t look right. What do I do??

It’s always easier to prevent a complication;

Don’t let a problem turn into a major medical issue.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Peripheral Artery Disease, Diabetes, of if you’re concerned that you may be at-risk for a foot and ankle complication, we’re here to help. Reserve online, or Call today!

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