3 Tips for Treating Dry Feet

3 Tips for Treating Dry Feet

Day in and day out, our feet take a beating.  While there is no guaranteed refuge for your feet in the summertime, we all know that winter can definitely be the roughest for them.  But fear not! It may be easier than you think to maintain healthy, happy feet this season.

What causes dry feet?

Unlike the rest of your body, the thick skin on your feet is not equipped with lubricating oil glands, so when weather conditions become harsh, your feet are likely to take a hit.  While your feet do have sweat glands that provide some moisture, it’s not always enough to sustain their soft soles (not to mention the smell!).  Cold dry weather takes a serious toll on your feet, and those nice hot baths that we like so much in the wintertime can actually dry skin out for the worse.

Before you pony up for a professional pedicure at the first sign of dryness, try these 3 simple home remedies for healthy feet that look and feel fabulous all winter long:

1.  Drink plenty of water.  This is probably the best remedy for any minor malady.  Drinking water even when you’re not feeling thirsty is a great way to avoid dehydration, preventing chapped lips, dry skin, and cracked dry feet.

2.  Exfoliate.  Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin that can be unsightly, particularly on the feet.  Try using pumice stones or exfoliating scrubs after a warm soak (not too hot, or you might dry your tootsies out even more!).  It is best to avoid using metal files as they can often do more harm than good, removing layers of healthy skin and leaving your feet vulnerable to further damage and infection.

3.  Moisturize.  Particularly after exfoliation, it is important to replenish lost moisture by applying elements like coconut oil and shea and cocoa butters.  Slather your feet in penetrating moisturizer of your choice and then slap on a pair of breathable cotton socks before bed – in the morning you’ll wake up with noticeably softer feet!

It might seem like no matter what you do, Jack Frost will be nipping at your heels this season.  But you know what they say about an ounce of prevention… If you are prone to dry skin on your feet, get a jump start on these foot care methods before the damage is done.  Be sure also to keep a close eye on your feet and seek medical attention if you aren’t seeing improvement with home remedies.  Your doctor can determine whether you are in fact suffering from a condition like eczema, psoriasis, or other infection, and prescribe the appropriate treatment.


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